1995 Fools: MICROSOFT Announces Windows 95 for the Macintosh OS
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Subject: MICROSOFT Announces Windows 95 for the Macintosh OS
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 00:07:49 -0800
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MICROSOFT Announces Windows 95 for the Macintosh OS 

By Steve Ballmer 

REDMOND (AP) -- In a press conference friday morning, MICROSOFT Corp.
announced that the Redmond software giant will ship a special version of
Windows 95 for the Macintosh OS. 

A spokesman for Microsoft said that "Windows 95 has some special key
features that the Mac OS just doesn't have. We are in a position to create
thousands, if not millions, of new technical support jobs with Windows 95.
We'd obviously like Apple users to benefit from this as well." 

We expect a lot of growth in the Macintosh market in the next five to ten
years," said Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates. "The combined resources of
MICROSOFT and the many Macintosh clones that will soon become available
will allow us to make Windows 95 easier and more fun for a broader range
of people." 

Gates described MICROSOFT's long-term strategy to develop a scalable OS
architecture that will support all platforms through emulation. A single
core OS will be offered with a choice of interfaces according to the OS
desired -- "One OS, a couple of different implementations," said Gates. 

We've spent a lot of time and money on a new marketing campaign for
Windows 95, but in the end we decided it was just as easy to buy Apple. We
get an extra platform for Windows 95 and some engineering staff who know
what they're doing. By shipping the Mac OS under the Windows 95 logo, we
actually get Windows 95 into the store on time. I just hope nobody notices
that it's not the latest version being shipped by Apple."