1995 Fools: CHANGE IN TIME for PBS Nova show on Oracle!
From: dsew@packrat.aml.arizona.edu (David Sewell)
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Subject: CHANGE IN TIME for PBS Nova show on Oracle!
Date: 1 Apr 1995 17:36:18 GMT
Organization: RADIOCARBON, Dep't of Geosciences, University of Arizona
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You expect the commercial networks to pull something like this, but PBS?
At the last minute, it turns out that the 15-minute segment they're
doing on the Usenet Oracle for "Nova" is going to be airing *TONIGHT*,
not on the 8 April show as originally announced.  And whether or not you
can see it rerun depends on your local station.  I'm not sure,
especially with Daylight Savings Time (which we don't have in  Arizona)
what the national air time is--check your local listings!  Here in
Tucson it's showing at 5 p.m.

It's going to be interesting, seeing how they boil several hours' worth
of interviews down to 15 minutes.  And how they'll handle the OracleMOO
session we set up to let all the priests "talk" to the interviewer
online.  We did hear that they're going to pixellate all the footage of
Orrie so that viewers won't get much of an idea of what he looks like,
something he insisted on, of course.  Otherwise it's mostly going to be
PBS-style talking heads, all very "serious," except they did let Steve
collaborate on a fancy computerized graphic rendition of someone getting
ed, which should be worth seeing if nothing else.
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