1995 Fools: Linux'95 final release
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Subject: Linux'95 final release
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Ok, the final release of Linux'95, also known among those in the know as
"v1.2.0" is now out.  After the extensive beta-release-period, Linux'95
is reality. 

Before you get Linux'95, I'd like to outline the Licensing stuff, and
remind you that copyright infringement is a crime. 

Linux'95 has several types of licenses, including, but not limited, to:

* End-User License Agreement - Applications

  This is an application-specific license, which is intended for a
  single application running on your Linux'95-authorized computer.  The
  license agreement rules differ depending on the application.  See
  appendix 'H'. 

* End-User License Agreement - Systems

  This agreement is intended for singe system product use, such as the
  Linux'95 kernel license.  It's important to note that the Systems
  product licenses do not permit concurrent, or second copies.  There is
  a special Multi-License upgrade program for those that want to start
  out with a single license but later expand their setup. 

* Multi-License Pak

  This agreement is intended for sites with multiple systems, which want
  to run multiple copies of the Linux'95 system concurrently and/or on
  several machines.  This license is available as a 10, 50 or 100-unit
  license depending on the size of your installation.

* Logo License

  This agreement is intended for hardware and software vendors wishing
  to show that their product is Linux'95-aware, and has special features
  taking advantage of the Linux'95 environment.

* Linux'95 Stamp of Approval

  This stamp of approval is available for systems that have been
  certified at our extensive testing facility as being able to run the
  Linux'95 system. 

* The "I've got too much money" License

  Contact us for details on this exclusive licensing deal, we'll work
  something out.  Please contact "ivemoney@linux.Helsinki.FI" directly. 

Large institutions that want to possibly combine several licenses can do
so, with a standard licensing fee reduction.  Please contact our
licensing department for further details. 

	End-User License Agreement - Systems (EULAS)

This license allows full use of the Linux'95 base system on a single
computer or workstation.  Any number of people can use that single
system, but only one at a time.  This is the license of choice for
stand-alone systems, or for secure installations with a very restrictive
network connection. 

EULAS allows making and unlimited number of backup copies, and allows
further distribution of the system under the terms of the GPL.  Please
see appendix 'G' for further details of the GPL. 

	Multi-License Pak - MPAK

MPAK offers you all of the Linux'95 single system License, while also
allowing you to extend the use of Linux'95 to multiple systems and/or
multiple users concurrently on a single system.  Thus your Linux'95
system can become a full departemental mail server, or act as a internet
gateway to the rest of the world.

Like the single-user license, the MPAK license allows further
distribution of Linux'95 copies according to the GPL. 

	Logo License and Stamp of Approval

The exclusive Linux'95 License and Stamp of Approval can be used to show
that your hardware and/or software is not limited to the more primitive
systems available today, but is able to run the full Linux'95 system. 
To apply for a Logo License, you must show that your product does indeed
work under Linux'95, and uses any of the extensive Linux'95 environment
services (see also: Stevens, Advanced Unix Programming). 

The Linux'95 Stamp of Approval requires that your product has gone
through the rigorous compatibility testing at LT-labs.  To ensure that
your product continues to be compatible even with new versions of the
Linux'95 system, you are also advised not to expect it back ("we got it,
and we ain't giving it back"). 

The DEC AlphaPC 2000/300 is currently under extensive Stamp of Approval
testing.  Other hardware manufacturers, please contact out hardware
department at "hardware@linux.helsinki.fi". 

	How to Apply for a License

To actually apply for the licenses, please find the nearest Linux'95
distributor.  The official Linux'95 kernel distribution is available at
'ftp://ftp.cs.helsinki.fi/pub/Software/Linux/Kernel/v1.2' and at
'ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus/v1.2'.  Other suppliers
are expected to pick it up within days. 

After having aquired the Linux'95 distribution, you will have
automatically applied for a single-user license (the distribution
outlets will do all the necessary paperwork for you, no need to fill in
registration forms).  When you expand the license, the revolutionary
"Linux'95 Auto-Licensing" software will automatically send in a expanded
license request and deduct the licensing fee from your bank account. 

To apply for the Stamp of Approval, please contact our Approval
department electronically at "approval@linux.Helsinki.FI" for further

	Why do I want to upgrade?

The beta-testers of Linux'95 can upgrade to the final Linux'95 from
their current setup for no extra licensing fees by applying the
"v1.1.95-1.2.0.patch.gz" system-specific patch set.  That patch set
mainly corrects a few cosmetic problems with the beta-version of
Linux'95, namely spelling.  It also modifies the behaviour of a few
system-specific undocumented features. 

Users of the older Linux'94 system release (aka 1.0.9) will find the
extensive new features of Linux'95 a new exciting world of wonder.  Our
beta-testing community has extensively tested the new features, while at
the same time ensuring full backwards compatibility with most major
software packages.  Updated versions for packages that have broken are
available at all major Linux sites. 

We thank you for using Linux'95,



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	Let me start by congratulating you on the 1.2 release.

	Anyways, the reason that I am writing you is that I will be at
the Decus meeting in Washington DC, and I would like to arrange a
meeting if you would be interested.

Bill Gates     Microsoft Incorporated   "Better living through better software"