1995 Fools: CERT announces new generation of viruses

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Subject: CERT announces new generation of viruses
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April 1, 1995: After years of battling computer viruses, CERT today
announced a new generation of helpful computer viruses. The first of these
is a new virus which is intended to wipe out the "Craig Shergold" post once
and for all.  It comes in PC and Mac versions and it monitors the text on
the screen. If the string "Craig Shergold" ever appears, it pops up a window
describing in detail the exact present day status of this message. If any
attempt is made to transmit the string "Craig Shergold" out a serial or
network port, the message being transmitted is destroyed and second attempts
will shut down the computer.

Agreements are being worked with the major computer manufacturers to ship
computers with this virus pre-installed.

Later this year, a similar virus which operates on the string "MAKE MONEY FAST"
will be released.

[For the humor impaired: Please consider the dateline on this post].
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