1995 Fools: DS9 CANCELLED!!!
From: boies00@gel.ulaval.ca (Dominique Boies)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.current
Subject: DS9 CANCELLED!!!
Date: 1 Apr 1995 15:58:33 GMT
Organization: Dept. Genie Electrique, Universite Laval
Message-ID: <3ljt79$eb3@goudron.gel.ulaval.ca>

Here is what I have found in the latest issue of ENGAGE, The Newsletter of
the European Star Trek Mailing list:

> STOP PRESS! Yesterday, Paramount executives announced that the science fiction
> television series Star Trek Deep Space Nine will not be renewed for a fourth
> season. A spokesman for Paramount quoted "We feel the show is limited in it's
> bandwidth and does not really fall into Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek universe".
> Several of the main cast are not surprised to hear this announcement as they 
> have already voiced their opinions on the limited scope of stories that can
> be done on a space station.  A Paramount spokesman later added that a new
> Star Trek series will be looked into for a launch date of January 1996 to fill
> the hole that Deep Space Nine will leave and that it will premiere on the
> United Paramount Network.

Anybody heard about it?

Dominique Boies