1995 Fools: Congress to abolish the FCC - 9590
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 95 00:50:14 -0500
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From: news@ram.net (RAMail News Service)
Subject: Congress to abolish the FCC - 9590

Congress to abolish the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC)

WASHINGTON, DC -AF- As part of the 
"reinventing government" initiative,
the Senate has introduced a bill that 
would abolish the FCC and bring
its regulatory power directly within
the US Congress.

Senator Dole noted the $7 billion
that the FCC recently raised in the
PCS auction was a primary factor in
the decision to "reinvent" the FCC.

"The revenue that the FCC is able to 
raise in these types of auctions should 
be used to benefit all Americans. By 
abolishing the FCC we not only save 
the costs of running the Agency but
also insure the money raised is used for 
the benefit of all." Senator Dole said.

The bill appears to have bi-partisan
support.  Vice President Gore said in
an interview late today, "As this nation 
becomes more and more dependent upon
communications it has become clear that
the FCC is no longer able to serve the
people in an efficient manner.  We must
find better ways of capitalizing on the 
revenue potential found in the national
resource known as the airwaves."

04/01/95 12:14 AM EST