1995 Fools: *** Bill Clinton on April 1st ***

From: partl@hp01.boku.ac.at (Partl)
Newsgroups: news.newusers.questions,news.admin.misc
Subject: *** Bill Clinton on April 1st ***
Date: 28 Mar 1995 07:27:33 GMT
Organization: The White House
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Bill Clinton <president@whitehouse.gov> wrote:

  Path: mail.boku.ac.at!newsfeed.ACO.net!news.iif.hu!vax.kremlin.su!news
  From: Bill Clinton <president@whitehouse.gov>
  Subject: April 1st Warning
  Date: 1 Apr 1995 08:37:08 GMT
  Organization: The White House
  Message-ID: <3ku0bk$pt4@vax.kremlin.su>
  Net Citizens of the World!
  As the president of one of the countries that are connected
  by the international information highway, I believe it is my
  responsibility to save the world from the danger of being 
  April-fooled by false Usenet postings. It has been brought
  to my attention that certain unfriendly computer specialists
  know ways to send forged postings, and that therefore every
  citizen of the net should be careful not to trust everything
  that appears on the net. 
  Readers should be especially suspicious
  - if an article is attributed to a very famous person,
  - if the host names in the From:, Path:, and Message-ID: header
    lines of an article do not match, or
  - if an article contains a reference to the first day of April.
  Let me take this opportunity to express the gratitude of my
  country to Dr. Hubert Partl in Australia, who was so kind to
  inform me about the old Usenet tradition of forged postings
  around April 1st, and who sent me instructions on how to write
  and to post this article.
  Long live the net!
  					       Bill Clinton
  					       Washington DC