1994 Fools: Press Release: McDonalds and EUnet join to offer Global "Internet in a Lunchbox"

Date: Fri, 1 Apr 1994 00:00:00 +0100
From: Petri Ojala <ojala@eu.net>
To: com-priv@psi.com
Subject: Press Release: McDonalds and EUnet join to offer Global "Internet
         in a Lunchbox"


McDonalds and EUnet join to offer Global "Internet in a Lunchbox"

	Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- April 1, 1994 -- McDonalds, Inc. and
EUnet, Ltd. today announced an agreement which will allow people to access
the Internet in virtually everywhere.  Access to the Internet is fast
becoming a requirement for leading businesses who wish to communicate
globally at any place, any time.

	"Our restaurants offer the market's most cost-effective solution
for daily food substance requirements and together with EUnet we take this
small step for our businesses but a great leap to the mankind", says Kechap
Mustard, senior vice president for marketing at McDonalds restaurants.
"The Information Superhighway will be a significant part of our future and
we want to participate in building it.  Every highway needs restaurants and
together with EUnet we will meet the great demands of the new information
society", he adds.

	EUnet, the largest commercial Internet service provider in Europe,
will together with McDonalds install Internet connectivity to every
McDonalds restaurant.  A revolutionary CRC-free product, McEUnet, will be
used to provide access to the Internet for everyone, from small children to
senior citizens.  "Later we will offer our customers a complete
McEUnet-meal with a gif of the month.  Together with the planned McEUnet
birthday party service we will provide a full range of solutions to our
customers who need access to the Internet", said Mustard.

	"Way to mans heart goes through his stomach and together with
McDonalds we can get there.  EUnet's goal is to bring the Internet to every
dining table and now it's finally for real.  McDonalds restaurants are also
children's favourite and now we make it possible for children to learn the
Internet before they can even read or write", says Glenn Kowack, EUnet CEO.
"We haven't accomplished Internet to the belly button yet, but we are very
near a breakthrough.  Our research staff is already working hard to create
recycleable access to the Internet to save the nature.  CRC-free McEUnet IP
addresses are already recycled", Kowack describes the new service.


All brands, products and service names mentioned are trademarks or
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For further information, contact Ketchup Mustard at McDonalds at
700-DBL-EUNET; or Glenn Kowack at EUnet at +31 20 59B URGER or 
C=EU; A=EUnet; G=Glenn; S=Kowack (E-mail).