1991 Fools: Announcement from Microsoft

From: t-billg@microsoft.UUCP (Big Guy)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.misc,comp.sys.ibm.pc.misc,comp.os.msdos.misc,
Subject: Announcement from Microsoft
Date: 31 Mar 91 23:59:51 GMT
Sender: daemon@ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU
Organization: Microsoft Corp., Redmond WA
Lines: 97
Approved: skull@apple.com

A message for the veteran Macintosh user, from the people at Microsoft:

Have you felt left out of recent personal computer developments?  Does it
feel like the advances of the computer world are passing the Macintosh by?

You've probably been using the Macintosh for a number of years now.
You've gotten used to the idea that a computer doesn't have to have a
cumbersome awkward interface based on obscure cryptic commands.  And you've
grown accustomed to the user interface standard to which all the other user
interfaces are compared.  An interface that remains consistent across a
variety of applications that really do give you the power to be your best.

But recently, all the attention seems to have moved away from the Macintosh.
Developments in the IBM-PC world have overshadowed the enhancements being
made to your favorite computer.  Macs are no longer in the spotlight, no
longer the leading edge of computing technology that they once were.  

Or so it seemed to much of the world.  Until now.

Announcing, at last, a revolutionary new system that gives you even more
consistency, compatibility, and capability than you've ever known before.


		Microsoft Windows for the Macintosh

Yes, all the power you've come to know on your IBM PC will soon be available
on the Macintosh, too.  Get all the power and function of Windows applications
like Microsoft Word for Windows and Microsoft Excel for Windows, right there
on your Macintosh.  Now the Macintosh user will come to know what users of
Windows on the IBM PC have known for some time now:  that a powerful graphical
icon-based user interface will give you even more power to be your best than
you've ever had before!

Microsoft Windows for the Macintosh		$395	(requires 4MB RAM,
	(comes with Windows for the Mac,		 hard drive,
	 Toolbook for Windows for the Mac,		 AppleTalk,
	 plus two exciting applications:		 Mac IIfx or SE/860,
	     Write/Mac and Paintbrush/Mac)		 and System 7.0)

Microsoft Word for Windows for the Mac		$495	(requires 8MB RAM,
							 hard drive,
							 LaserWriter IINT)

  **upgrade for current word processor users:	$129

Microsoft Excel for Windows for the Mac		$695	(requires 16MB RAM,
							 hard drive,
							 WinMac TrueType
							 Display Manager XL,
							 System 8.2)

  **upgrade for current users of anything:	$129

Microsoft Windows for the Macintosh (A/UX)	$2095	(requires 32MB RAM,
							 A/UX 5.4.3, CD-ROM,
							 WinMac TrueType Display
							 Manager for A/UX,
							 X for Windows for the

Hypercard for Windows for the Macintosh (*)	$249	(requires Mac IIux
							 or Mac IIImx with
							 64MB RAM, 4GB disk
							 drive, WinMac TrueType
							 Display Manager for
							 the Mac or Adobe 
							 Display Postscript +)
	(* - also available:  Toolbook for the Macintosh -- includes
		conversion tool for converting Hypercard stacks into
		Toolbook applications to run on your new enhanced Mac!
		Also includes Toolbox Toolbook, Toolbook Toolbox, and
		extra added Snap-On Tools for tear-off menus.)

Pending favorable outcome of ongoing legal action between who-knows-who and
who-knows-why.  Expected release date -- some year with a zero in it.
Void where prohibited by lawsuit.  Your look and feel may vary.

(As a matter of fact, it had better!...)

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