1988 Fools: April Forgeries (Re: RISKS-6.52)
Charles Daffinger 
RISKS of using the "AT&T Public Phone Plus":  April Forgeries (Re: RISKS-6.52)
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 88 23:17:09 EST
From: Charles Daffinger <cdaf@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu>
Subject: April Forgeries (Re: RISKS-6.52)

     [Most of you have chortled appropriately at the Spafford Spoof.  Charles'
     message is apparently intended for those of you who need more explicit
     references to the self-referential evidence left by the forged forgery
     warning.  By the way, Charles neglected to remark that RISKS-6.52 was 
     not put out on 1 April either.  PGN]

Here's the article warning about forgeries:  Note the strange date, note
that spaf's message is dated *after* the message it was enclosed in, and
a couple of self-references in the posting!  Enjoy!

In article <12386860573.13.NEUMANN@KL.SRI.COM> you write:
>RISKS-LIST: RISKS-FORUM Digest   Friday 1 April 1988   Volume 6 : Issue 52

>  April Fool's warning from Usenet (Gene Spafford via Cliff Stoll)
>Date:     Thu, 31 Mar 88 12:17:48 PST
>From: cliff@Csa5.LBL.Gov (Cliff Stoll)
>Subject:  April Fool's warning from Usenet
>Here's the warning from USENET's  news.announce.important:
>From: spaf@cs.purdue.EDU (Gene Spafford)
>Subject: Warning: April Fools Time again (forged messages on the loose!)
>Date: 1 Apr 88 00:00:00 GMT
>Organization: Dept. of Computer Sciences, Purdue Univ.
>Warning: April 1 is rapidly approaching, and with it comes a USENET
>tradition. On April Fools day comes a series of forged, tongue-in-cheek
>messages, either from non-existent sites or using the name of a Well Known
>USENET person. In general, these messages are harmless and meant as a joke,
>        o Posted dates. Almost invariably, the date of the posting is forged
>          to be April 1.                   =================================

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